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Paris and Amsterdam...

I scored a very cheap airline ticket from Madrid to Paris, which cost me only 20 euros. My flight was extremely delayed... and I did not get to my bed and breakfast until 19:00, so basically I lost a day of touring yet again...

My bed and breakfast was pretty interesting. In a bed and breakfast, I am expecting a bed, my own room, a shared bathroom with other guest or perhaps my own, breakfast, an entrance to the bb that is shared with other guest... so this is my expectation of a BB, since I stayed at many of those.. it's a place I prefer to stay and I usually stay at a gay one... so a month before my arrival in Paris, I found this bed and breakfast for 50 Euros a night and right in the center, about 10 mins walk to the gay bars and clubs. This is the cheapest. I found other hotels and bb in this area for at least 75 euros a night.... that is about $36 USD/night difference between the other places and this bb I am staying at... so I arrived at this bb at 19:00 and it turns out that this place is not really a bb. It ended up to be me renting a room out of this gay couple's apt and I get breakfast, basically for my trip in Paris, I was living with this gay couple. I felt very very uncomfortable. They were a nice couple, I would say late 30s/early 40s... kinda sketchy. During the first night, once I got into my room, I was looking around for other hotels in the area to see if anything was cheap. I Was willing to pay the 75 euro a night hotel... but the 75 euro one went up to $150 euros per night.. damn last minute rates...

During the night 2 in this place, the couple really flirted with me, saying that I'm a very cute boy and asking me my sexual preference (do I have a bf? am I a top or bottom? do I go to sex clubs or saunas? how big am I?) and kept asking me if I ever do 3somes since they are looking for a third party... ok at this point, I already paid them for my whole stay.. so what can I do??? I told him I wasn't interested in older guys (well my exact words is I like younger guys..not to offend them or anything)...SO yeah this was an interesting experience by itself... On Saturday morning (Day 4) when I woke up, I woke up to a bunch of naked guys in the living room, since they were taking pictures for the couple's blog. I did not get any warning at all, I wanted to sleep in but it was too noisy. the naked guys were pretty cute, but I didn't stick around at all, since I had a day of touring..

I also met wonderful people, both people I knew beforehand and people I didn't... I bumped into a friend, Josh, who is from Australia.. this is so random that we happened to be in the same city and staying about 2 blocks away from each other at the same time. He is doing an around the world tour and will be in NYC next month, which is pretty cool. I might meet up to him. Ellen met up with me on my last night here... I really enjoyed that since I needed to see a more familiar face. We talked a lot about our trips so far and our experiences. I met up with this really really nice cute guy (he's French)... Mikael... I met him on my first night here... he is 25 a college student studying communications. Our first kiss was on the top of the Eiffel tower.. it was very romantic. He is such a nice guy and I enjoyed my time with him. We walked around a lot and I went out to the bars/clubs with him and his friends. He is one of the reasons why I had fun in Paris. If I was to live in Paris, I think he would be boyfriend material, well he told me that, I didn't tell him that, but I sure did thought it.

Paris is an ok city. It was a bit rough since I do not speak any French. Josh from UConn, who studied in Paris for a year, warned me that people do know English but choose not to use it or deny that they know it. I found that to be true. I had a hard time in restaurants ordering stuff.. knowing where to go. My first two phrases whenever I approach someone is "bonjour, Parlez-vous anglais?" meaning "hello, do you speak English " A lot of people seem to deny it, even officials like policemen and army guys. Actually the funny part, there is one time in Paris where my English wasn't needed, it was in Chinatown and I used Vietnamese (Mikael lives in Chinatown). It felt so good to use Vietnamese when I was in Chinatown, I felt like I haven't used it in forever.

Being in Paris, pretty much isolated from verbal communication made me think how much I miss Amsterdam. I actually do miss biking in the rain of all things, I guess I started to get used to the life... I missed my friends.... I am currently on the train back to Amsterdam... so one last night



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