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Ok... My research is halfway done. I am finished with all of the literature review and it sounds good based on my advisor. Things to do left: write introduction, finish transcribing interviews, do interview and literature analysis, write conclusion and recommendations, add citations to the paper.

All this have to be done by Monday. Tomorrow I am going to an AIDS conference and I get to meet the Queen of The Netherlands, which is pretty cool and tomorrow night, I don't know will I hate myself for this, I am going to Brussels to go to a big gay dance party with my Dutch friends. This is most likely my last chance I get to hang with them... I have been debating Brussels all day today.

I get to party and dance to one of my favorite House Music DJs of all times
It's my last weekend with my Dutch friends
I get to drink
I get to see Belgium
If I don't go, I might regret it

My report is due on Monday...
I might regret it since my paper is very time limited

My friends are planning to leave at 10 PM Friday night and come back at 8 PM Saturday, with no hotel rooms, just all night and day partying.. I have made the choice, I am definitely going, but I am limiting my substances. My plan.. leave with my friends at 10 PM, take the 6:30AM train back to Amsterdam and be here at 9 AM on Saturday, rest a bit and go back to this report...

I think this is plan would work..... Well tonight, I am going to write the introduction and finish transcribing.

Tomorrow between the conference and going out, I am going to work on the analysis, well at least get an outline out and ready. Saturday afternoon/evening (most likely I am not going out on Sat night), I am going to do the analysis and Sunday do the conclusion, citations, proofread and compile all my writings into 1 document. I hope this plan works......

I don't want to have any regrets while I am here and one of the things I wish for this semester is that I wish I have done more, I have done a lot, from partying to learning and being a part of the culture. And I think this decision I am making to party tomorrow night is the right decision.



May 2010



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