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The last few days

I can't believe my program is basically over in 2 days... This makes me really really really sad.. Time really flies.. I have done so much this semester, but in a way I felt I haven't done enough.. there is so many things I still want to do before I leave... I am really sad... I keep thinking about what the homestay coordinator said on the first day... "Once you starting to feel Dutch... it's time to leave." This is very true. I feel a part of the culture, I can order food and drinks in Dutch. I have Dutch friends. Tonight, one of my Dutch friends hosted a goodbye dinner for me and a lot of my Dutch friends showed up. I was in tears... This experience was one of the best experience in my life. I made great friends, both in my program and in Amsterdam. I am hoping these bonds would stay...

Well I should write this entry based on where I left off... I last wrote about Friday, the AIDS conference... so I'll start writing about after that.

Saturday night I went to something called a Love Dance. I scored a free ticket since I knew people who worked in the HIV field here, that saved me 32 Euros. Well The love dance is an AIDS fundraiser/big ass party. 4 different dance floors playing different music. I went with my host but ending up losing him since I bumped into Eva, a girl I met at the conference the night before. We chilled and danced and her friend had the hots for me and he kept buying me drinks and flirt with me all night. I had many whiskey and coke (at 6 euros each)... it's my last Saturday night in Amsterdam, so I figured why not party it out. I ended up bumping into the cute boy from the GGD that I met at the conference and we ended up dancing together (with Eva) of course all night.. it was a very passionate fun night. I saw a lot of different Dutch performances, the only english ones were english songs, they had Drag Kings performed 9 to 5 by Dolly and they played around with audio pitch and made it sound like a man singing.... I met Bear Force One, two drag queens (one of them is a friend of mine) performing Britney... I had so much fun.

Sunday morning was a drag... since I came home at 5:30 AM Sunday morning and woke up at 9 AM... I just couldn't sleep so I spent the entire day writing my health research report.... I finished with everything except the conclusion by Sunday night...I finished at 4 AM Tuesday.. formatting was a pain in the ass.. but the best part now is that my health report is written and submitted..

Today is Sinterklaas.. it's St. Nicholas day.. we had a secret santa thing... I was nervous about the gift I brought for my person... but the good thing is my person loves it... We watched a student made documentary called "Jolly Black Slaves," since Sinterklaas has 6-8 black slaves that follows him around..

Tomorrow well..today....actually in about 9 hours... I am presenting my findings and my research... I have put together my powerpoint.... so hopefully things will go well. After this presentation, I am FINISHED WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SEMESTER.... well I still have to apply to grad school which is my break.

I am excited about Saturday... I am leaving for Madrid... I get to spend 4 days in Madrid and 4 days in Paris and then I am heading home. I miss home. I miss my friends (Kim, Christine, Kelsey, Noah/Fin, et al), my parents, my car (I really miss driving, but biking is not that bad anymore).



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